Abundance manifestation is a popular topic among lightworkers. I have experienced for many times that something I manifested or have thought about become reality in some day. Here is another example.

A month ago when I was asked to join in a spiritual festival, a form is required to be submitted, with my organization’s/company’s logo in it. I then wondered whether I have to design a logo representing my spiritual work or not, even though I still do not have my own workshop yet.

Then a Singaporean intuitive, Chasna, is visiting Hong Kong these days. I was initially interested in her consultation service called “Sacred Geometry". I just want Chasna to draw me a geometry stating my life situation and nothing more. When I did the booking for a session via Ruby of Reflections, she claimed that I can even ask Chasna to design a geometry for me as the logo printed on my name card! This is exactly what I desire and manifest. I’ll have the session with Chasna tomorrow. I’ll soon have my own logo!

In fact I was not intentionally to do the manifestation of it. It was just a rough idea instantly showed up in my mind one day, and then I wrote a statement in plurk.com as a sharing to friends, that’s it. I soon forgot about this idea. It then manifests unnoticed.