I was annoyed by something hapened tonight. Archangel Zadkiel directed his answer to my immediate situation although I have asked him another question.

I feel Zadkiel appearing in an orange light and joyful feeling.

He said, “Your life is full of challenges. Yet every moment could be amazing and glorious. Unveil the curtain of every scene and every situation, and every single moment that you think is not good enough. You’ll discover the beauty, the harmony, the truth and treasures within each moment that worth to be noted. Be with an open heart, with love to people around you, and with a truthful eye within you when you see things. Be less judgmental and let go of anything that burdens you or obstructs your way. They are not truthful, they are just something has to be happened so that you will discover the truth behind them. Be joyful in every moment, be grateful to everyone around you, even they are not as friendly as you wish. They have reasons to exist here, to teach you or bring you some better things. So, see through the illusions behind every situation. No need to be annoyed or disappointed by the things happened around you. They are in fact meaningful to you. They come as a way to bless your life. So it is.

Zadkiel loves you."