During meditation, I can see that my heart is just like a lake with a flat surface.

Trees, grasses and flowers around it, with animals playing around.  A group of birds are flying above the lake, and their motion reflects clearly on the lake surface.   A few swans swim on it, ripples following their back.  Some fish jump up from the water, and then disappear from my sight.  A light breeze prevails over the lake, bringing peace, calmness and freshness to the whole surrounding.  Yet there are many fish,  water plants, small shrimps and living things underwater, creating a vibrant and living energy beneath the peaceful surface.

I am happy that my heart now is in peace and calmness, at the same time full of life.

However, I still find that there is a little bit aloneness (or loneliness?) in my heart.  Though I have learnt to live based on my own heart with little care on others’ thoughts, I still need some close friends to identify with me.   This is what I am lacking in.  On the other hand, I have to accept such a situation.  Spiritual loneliness is very common among people whose consciousness is raising and souls are advancing.  Fortunately, I am get used to not caring much about others’ understanding.   It is not a very big deal even the need cannot be satisfied at the moment.