If time permits, I’ll channel messages from different archangels every evening so that readers here (and also myself) could be inspired and receive more spiritual nutrients daily.  Below please find the message of today channeled from Archangel Gabrielle.


“I love to share my messages to everyone who are willing to listen. People will know when they are ready to listen to our words so that their lives could be enlightened. We hope that by Carlie’s channeling, our messages could be more easily to get in touch with the souls who are ready.


It is at the interchange of winter and spring time. Yet the weather is ever changing, and you can also feel that the energies are fluctuating also, since there is a solar eclipse and a new moon recently. You can find many incidents have occured, both in the global and personal aspects. Some of you may feel tired, worried, heavy, stucked, and emotion fluctuating in recent days. It is time to focus on us, focus on your very centre of your heart, to listen to our voices as well as yours, so that you could grasp the safe and stable place within yourself, an anchor within you, that no one and no incidents could shake you and harms your safety and wholeness. Don’t be fooled by the incidents in the outer world. You’d rather stand firm in your heart, trust firmly the guidance from us and from your heart, so that you could make the best choice and action, which is fully aligned with your divine purpose, without any risk to going onto a less-fulfilling path.


This is Archangel Gabrielle. You are invited to ask us whenever you need help, whatever your request is large or small.