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試過Yoga Nidra沒有?它是一種完全沒有身體動作,純粹平躺下來,比一般冥想更深入,在你一直保持有意識時,帶你進入比造夢更深的睡眠狀態。據說,做三十分鐘Yoga Nidra,相等於睡覺三小時的效果。當然不是要你做了Yoga Nidra就可以少睡三小時,而是讓你在短時間內,得到一個有質素的休息和提升精神的效果。

Yoga Nidra的過程除了讓身心放鬆,更有確定自己的願望(affirmation/resolution)、增強五感和第六感、讓你活在當下,讓時間停留和保持青春的效果。我做完Yoga Nidra,不單止精神了,而且覺得體內的新陳代謝加快了(因為做完之後很想去洗手間!)而且,雖然身體絲毫沒怎樣動過,卻因為有「意識觀察身體」的環節,效果就像做完熱身體操一樣,四肢和骨骼都像放鬆和有活力。也感受到一些本來沒甚動靜、堵塞了的輪位,恢復了能量的流通,例如我的thymus(心輪和喉輪之間)。


Yoga Nidra最好有一名帶領者,讓你頭腦可以放鬆,集中做每一個環節。當然當你熟習之後,自己做也可以。

Have you tried Yoga Nidra before? It involves no body movement, purely lying down. It is more deepening than ordinary meditation. It brings you to the state of deep sleep, even deeper than dreaming state, when you are still conscious. Reportedly, a 30-minute Yoga Nidra is equivalent to a 3-hour sleep. Of course we do not need to sleep three hour less after doing Yoga Nidra. It is just a way to bring you a quality rest of body and mind, and raise your consciousness, in a short time.

In spite letting you relax in body and mind, Yoga Nidra provides an opportunity to affirm your resolution, raise your five senses as well as the sixth, live in the moment, stop time flowing and keep you young. After doing Yoga Nidra, in addition to raising my vitality, metabolism within my body is raised (because I want to go toilet after doing the exercise!) Moreover, though my body has not moved a bit, through the session of observing the body parts, I can feel that I am just finished doing gymnastics, feeling relaxed, vital and energetic in every body parts. And I can sense that some of the blocked chakras are opened and resume the flowing of energy, e.g. my thymus.

It seems miraculous. In fact you know it is possible after trying once.

It is better to have someone to lead you doing Yoga Nidra, for your mind to be relaxed and concentrating in doing all parts of the exercise. You also can do it by yourself after many practices.