(English version below.)

很久沒有在此貼過自己抽到的天使卡。希望買到一台適合window 7用的掃描器,正正經經把手上所有的神諭卡掃一次。

今早一早抽到第一張卡,"You are a spiritual teacher.",已經是強烈要做點事的意味。慶幸自己一直沒有懶惰過,一直在努力行動中,無論通過課程或者個別服務,甚至寫部落格,都是將神聖的訊息傳遞開去的機會。雖然不知道自己所做的對別人的祝福是多還是少,不過我既然喜歡做,又被囑咐去做,那仍會繼續埋頭做下去的。

冥想了一會關於天使的主題後,再抽卡,就抽到第二張"You are a lightworker."。兩張卡有異曲同工、前後呼應之妙。我想我作為lightworker與作為spiritual teacher兩個身份是分不開了。無論如何,都是代表自己要在人群裡做點事,不論是日常生活中給予別人小小的幫助,還是有組織地提供服務給人,我都沒有再躲起來的理由了。必須與別人和世界有更多的接觸,才能貫徹自己lightworker和spiritual teacher的職責。

The first angel oracle card I drew today is “You are a spiritual teacher."  In fact I am working hard on it by organizing workshops, providing individual services or writing blogs.  All these are the ways to disseminate divine messages.  I still could not figure out how much blessings it really brings to the people.  But I still keep on doing it because I like to do it and also I am asked by the divine to do it.

After meditation for a while, another card drawn was “You are a lightworker.", which is resonating with the first one.  I think my identity on lightworker and spiritual worker could not be separated. No matter I do small things in daily life, or doing service to others in a more organized way, there is no excuse for me to be lazy and hide from the people anymore.  I have to get in touch with more people and the world, so that I can complete the roles of being a lightworker and a spiritual teacher.