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I’ve never seen Hong Kong as beautiful as now.

When the plane just flying out from the airport, between the sky and the land, I can see Lantau Island’s green hills and peninsulas with curly banks. Natural and fresh. It is my first time knowing that Hong Kong is a beautiful place, when I am heading for another country for traveling.

It is ironic that I can only appreciate you when I leave you.

Everyone should have watched the cloudy sea in the sky when taking the plane. It is perfectly beautiful without fault. The clouds show in different shapes and sizes when they pass by your shoulders. Why I can’t see such beauty when I am on the land? Most of the time when I on the land, it is rainy, cloudy or misty. Is it because I am feeling free and light so that everything I see is beautified, or everything near the land is less pretty?

Someone says, everything happen for a reason. When something unfavorable happens, this is also a good chance to discipline yourself, so we should be grateful to everything and see the advantages in every bad thing. However, we cannot avoid to appreciate those beautiful things, we like good things and dislike bad things. Why don’t we love freely what we think is lovable, and scold those nasty? Acceptance of oneself is to accept one’s preference. Love lovable and hate the repulsive. Of course we should not focus on those bad things that makes us sick, but we also do not have to pretend to appreciate those can’t be appreciated and accept those unacceptable.

Freely to choose what we really love, deeply embrace them, never allow things we do not like. True to your preference, never affected by others and suppress yourself. No need to say things are good when they are actually bad.

I really feel that Hong Kong is beautiful when I see it in a distance. Also I feel that the views on the land is worse than that I am in the sky. This is my preference.

(Written in the plane to Singapore, 26.02.2010)