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學過幾種靈性/能量治療法,繼有Sekhem,ThetaHealing,花藥,Magnified Healing,violet flame,Angel Therapy及現在學習的Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT),你會體會到,這些能量療法其實是每一個初學者都能拿捏得到,所花的時間不多,有時僅僅幾分鐘就可以了,可是所得到的效果,是遠遠超越了你所有的成本和付出。










I’ve learnt many different energy and spiritual healing. Sekhem, ThetaHealing, Bach Flower Essence, Magnified Healing, violet flame, Angel Therapy and now studying Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and experienced that they are all that easy even for beginners, without cost you much time, and the result is far more than what you have pay for it.

Recently I am studying SRT. It is a therapy which connects with me very much. Just using a pendulum and some diagrams then you can execute healing. With easy steps, you can clear the past wounds, lessons not yet learnt in your past life and their effects brought to this lifetime. Many therapies are dealing the similar things. But SRT is the easiest one I think. For clients, they just sit and stay conscious with nothing to do. For healers, they can also easy to find out the source of the client’s problem and cope with it instantly, to help the client from the effect of the past shadows, emotions and beliefs and also build up positive beliefs for a better change of life in future.

Why such a great therapy only cost you so little?

But is it only going through hardships and obstacle then we can achieve good things in life? Of course not.

In fact there are many good things in life that could be easily achieved. It depends on your belief, your willingness, your openness to receive and your trial on this.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that even I am lazy and without paying any cost then I could get these goodness. What I mean is that, easiness on achievement depends on your belief.

I am deeply interested in SRT, so even I have to pay for a cost, that I spend much time in practicing and studying relevant books, I still feel easy on it.

Because I believe that good things come easily, so no matter how troublesome or difficult a thing is, I still feel it is easy.

SRT is of great easiness relative to its great results. Not only me, but also many clients have experienced it.

Goodness comes easily in this way.