(English translation below)



生命沒有後悔這回事。生命只是一場又一場的探險和經歷的旅程。你走過的路無論是什麼,都是對你有所得益的,也是對別人也有所得益的。縱然一些事情看起來很 傷害別人,例如提出分手,但這也是一種經歷,就是讓你和他更真實地面對自己的境況,為自己的生命負責而去選擇的路,這是沒有錯的。當中的痛苦也是一種經 歷,就是經歷過之後,你和他都會增長了智慧。生命就是一個增進智慧的過程,不讓智慧增長就是有負生命給你的付託。智慧就是在起伏崎嶇中增長,你要為自己慶 幸,你的智慧因為經歷,會與日俱增。

在經歷的過程中會有痛苦,有失落,有無奈,有無力。嘗試向你所信任的神,或天使,或你所信賴的人,提出你的請求,請求他們幫助你,大膽地向別人提出請求, 他們也很願意幫助你,你能得到的會大大超乎你所期望的。尤其是作為天使的我們,更是會無時無刻在聆聽你的請求,給予你平安和照顧。能讓妳經歷人生時能更平 安,是我們的職責。放心向我們請求吧。我們都是愛你的。」


A girl who is facing many choices comes to me for tarot reading, and I have also channeled a message from Archangel Chamuel for her.

“You are a strong girl.  You are willing to be responsible to your life.  Firstly, you have to appreciate yourself, and recognize what you have done is for your own good.   No one can help you in many circumstances.  You still have to face them yourself.  But please believe every decision you have made.

There is nothing about regret in your life.  Life is a journey with many experiences.  Whatever the road you are in, it is beneficial to you.  Though something seems hurtful to people, such as breaking up with your lover, it is still an experience to let you and him face the situation truthfully.   This is a road chosen to be responsible  for your life, so it is not wrong.  Pain is also a kind of experience for the growing of your wisdom.  Life is a process of growing wisdom.  If you don’t allow wisdom to grow in your life, you are violating the trust from your life.  Wisdom is growing from rough situations.  You should be grateful for your growing wisdom because of your experience.

In the process of experience, there would be pain, disappointments, sadness and incapability.  Try to trust the one you believe, such as God, angels or the people you trust.  Request for their help and they will help you.  Be courageous to ask for their help, and you would get what is out of your expectation.  Especially we archangels is always ready to listen to your request and give you peace and caring.  It is our responsibility to let you in peace in your life experience.  Please feel free to ask us.  We are all love you."

My heart feels stable and abundant when I was channeling the message.