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Notice the Signs,經常留意上天給自己的各種提醒和賜與,和各樣的奇妙,讓自己知道自己走的路是對的,是得到支持的。不總是蒙蔽在自己的世界,開放自己的心去體味更廣闊的世界,從中得到更多的靈性指引和啟迪。讓自己信心增加,讓自己更昂首闊步毫無畏懼的走上前面未知的路。

Recently I don’t write blogs much because I am now searching for safer ways to safeguard my web content and photos.  I apologize for losing many photos and contents in my blog.

These are the angel cards I drew last night.  The first one represents my present situation, the second one is the goal I have to reach and the third is the way to reaching my goal.

I am now an entrepreneur, working hard on my favorite job.  Though recently I am slowing down my pace of working because I have to wait for the US journey in April that I would rather start working after the journey.  Slowing down is also let things realized.  I have worked very hard to produce certain results, but real achievement is depending on whether there are still many clients responding to me when I rest.  Fortunately many people still asking for my services even though I intend to suspend any promotion these days.

Abundance is what I am pursuing.  Abundance in wealth is a good thing of course, so that I can concentrate on pursuing my life goal and no need to worry about money.    Abundance also represents many kinds of goodness in life, including relationships, experience, wisdom, satisfaction in life and soul etc.  This is not only my goal, but also many people’s goal.  When I am realizing abundance in my life, I can also help others to realize theirs too!  I know that my life is deeply related to others.  When I do energy healing or help people releasing and being inspired in many different ways, I also have got the healing and inspiration at the same time.   Our lives are growing together.

Notice the Signs means always paying attention to the advice and givings from the divine, and also many miracles in life.  This can let you know that you are on the right way and you are supported.  Never hide in your own small world, just open up to sense the wider world and receive many more spiritual guidance and inspirations.  This could raise your confidence and strength while walking your way towards the unknown future.