This is what I channeled from Archangel Gabrielle during the trip in Hawaii on April 11, 2010.

I know I was in the process of cleansing and clearing during the trip to Arizona, right before going to Hawaii. I know my old thoughts and emotions are clearing out from me. I could feel the transformation. Yet I asked AA Gabrielle to further clearing my thoughts and mind with His words.

“You’re cleansed. You’re always clean.

Your heart is now whole. Never drawn back by the drama in life. There would be ups and downs, doubts and queries in your daily life. But they are only a small part in the flow of time, a small part of the huge universe. When you have all, you would not bother the little loss and hurts anymore. You are now focusing on the whole universe, the whole spiritual realm which is the only reality in the world. Love is real, life is real, wisdom, strength and all goodness are real. Sense the reality. Send the reality into your heart so it will be alive and joyful. Say yes to life, say yes to goodness. Embrace the beauty and goodness around you. Never omit any of them as they are meant to be here for your enjoyment. Love yourself. Hear the bird singing, the sea roaring, the air breezing, and the angel whispering.

I am always with you. Gabrielle."