Below is an email reply to a client of me.  He/She is facing certain emotional and physical problems.   So he/she seeks my opinion if any of my consultations,  therapies or courses suits him/her.   He/She has just mentioned in the last email that he/she has received many many kinds of emotional and spiritual therapies from many other therapists, and doing daily meditation for a few years, but none of them brought him/her any effect, or just a short-term effect.  So I write him/her a final note on what I am thinking about his/her situation:

“Hi  xxx,

Thanks for your brief introduction to yourself. It makes me  understand you better.

To be frank,  I have no confident in coping with your case to achieve your expected result, as you have tried many ways before and have little effect.

So I guess the problem is not in what way you should receive your therapy.  I guess the following points may what the base of your problem lies:  (I apologize if I am too judgmental, because I don’t know you very well.  You should have a fairer judgment on your situation).

1. Are you too much relying on the therapists instead of having your own intention and effort in daily life to face the problems? e.g. maintaining a balance in diet, rest and physical exercises?  Remember, you are ALWAYS your own healer, not anyone else.  Only you have the right to allow the change in your situation.
2. Do you receive many of your spiritual/emotional consultation and healing in a short period?   If all things do in a short period, you would undergo a very intense change, which you can’t resist.  Your defense mechanism would automatically block out all effects from those therapies.
3.  Have you consistently received ANY ONE kind of the therapies you’ve mentioned, that means tried each of them at least a few times before shifting to another kind of therapy?  Because none of them would assure your total recovery if you just do them once in a life time.  Just like seeing a medical doctor for at least several times if you have any serious physical problem, so as all kinds of spiritual and emotional therapies.  Give some more time to the therapists you have encountered.  They should have their own good way to cope with your problem, but you don’t offer enough time for them to realize it.  Trust them, if you seek help from them.  Don’t be doubtful on them, which would eliminate the healing effects.
4.  Remember, no one in the world could ever avoid all emotional, physical and mundane problems.  It depends on how we perceive them when they are happened in our lives.  So if you are a perfectionist and insist to be problem-free in your life, I think you could only achieve this in another world, not in the physical world as the one we are living in.  Accept what your life is.
5. I read through your email and find that you are very clear in thinking and presentation skill.  Maybe your problem is not as serious as you think.  Sometimes, be more light-hearted and playful when facing all stuffs in life could help enough.

Thanks and best regards,

Carlie Lai
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