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做之前,Ruby問我有什麼願望可以set intention,我說了幾個,還是沒有想到自己的媽。她就提醒我,要不要為家人的健康許個願(Ruby真厲害,像知道我真正的需要)。我才想起媽媽最近的身體情況,其實我本來都不是最想set 這個intention的。




然 後想起剛才的點化,我當時是完完全全地感受到媽媽是極之身體健康的。想到這,我心裡的憂慮全都消失了。雖然媽媽現時情況也許未好轉,但我已知道,我和她身 邊的人,都需要相信她是健康的,會復元的,那她才有復元的希望。我們不要常常想著她的病,不要常常把憂慮放在心裡,因為這樣她的病就更加揮之不去。



Dear Ruby,

I forget to share with you the most moving moment during the initiation today.

When the initiation was just started and I became relaxed, I see the ppl I love are surrounding me…including Archangel Gabriel , Kwan Yin, my boyfriend, my two dogs, and also my mum.

When I see my mum, I was in a very exciting mood that I think that my mum’s health is now perfect and she’s been healthier, happier and younger.  I nearly went sobing when I felt this.  Though I told you the other wishes that I would like to accomplish, it is the very first to come into my sight during initiation and have the most vivid feeling towards the perfection of my mum’s health.

However I’ve just got a news from the hospital that my mum has a blood tumor in her head!

My mum has been to hospital 3 weeks ago and the hospital has done a body check for her.  Now the result is just released and told us her tumor in her head.  The nurse said that the tumor someday would break and my mum would paralyze.

Initially it is a very big shock to me.  She has been paralyzed 10 years ago.  I don’t want her to have this happen again.  However, if she has to have the operation, the risk is extremely high that I don’t think it is a good choice.

However, I just remember the shot I encountered during the initiation with you today.  She is in fact healthy and happy.  So at this moment I don’t worry anymore.  I think it is a good time to love mum more.  Also it encourages me to meditate more and to send more healing energy to mum in the highest and the best way.

My mum would stay at the Alliance Hospital in Kwun Tong tonight.  I would try to understand the situation more to see what to do next.

Ruby, I am grateful to have the initiation today.  It matches the time and the need of me and my mum.  From now on I have to stay positive in heart and help my mum to do the same thing to strive against the difficulties.  I also cordially ask you to put my mum into your prayer.  I think my mum is all the time blessed!

Love and namaste,

Carlie@Angel Circle

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