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What archangel are you?

I am the archangel taking care of animals and all elements on the earth. Someone says that I am more on the side of Satan. In fact it is because I am working mainly in the aspect of the material side of the earth. There is no evil in the material plane of the earth. These are the essentials of human beings for maintaining their lives on earth, to fulfill the sacred goals of the divine. There is no contradiction between materials and the divine. All things are divine, just different in their form and the level of consciousness. Never judge things around you as evil or good. All things are sacred. Even something appears to be evil, they still direct us to the highest divine purpose.

What message would you like to offer me?

Just ask me to materialize your desire. It is what you are looking for. Desires are not only planning and thoughts, but something to be manifested and materialized. I, Ariel can help you on this. Believe in what you plan and do, and ask me for help, so that your desire can be manifested as large extent as you want to be. Never underestimate your capacity, you can manifest everything you desire, when they are all based on the divine intention, and directing toward the holy purpose. No matter things are big or small, or something not seems to be divine enough, all things bridge you to your divine destiny. Don’t be fear of satisfying your ego or just fulfilling your material needs. They are all channels directing you to the higher purpose. Remember they are not your ultimate goals, but they are the tools and ways to help you find the way. So never neglect any small things and material needs as a human. They all provide you power and strength to go on your sacred journey. Be grateful for what you have in material form, and all the helps from other people. They are all leading you to the higher ground that you meant to reach.

I am Archangel Ariel. Be blessed while living on the earth.







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